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DER STEINKERN is the fossil magazine of the fossil-community It includes information on fossil localities, new finds, documentations of fossil preparations, private and museum collections and much more. It can for instance be helpful for preparing excursion trips and fossil determination or just to learn more about fossils and earth science and admire the beauty and variety of fossils from localities worldwide.

We are sorry, that our journal is currently only available in German language, but our editions are richly illustrated and contain an average of more than 100 photographs. A lot of the information is exclusively discussed here, including monographic journals on certain locations. Even if your knowledge of the German language is limited, you will still be able to understand and enjoy most content through the photographs and context.


There are two ways of receiving our journals: you can either buy specific issues individually or you can subscribe.


Buy specific issues

If you are interested in a specific issue, please use our order form. Choose the issue(s) you would like to order and enter your postal address.

We offer two ways of payment: bank transfer by IBAN or PayPal (without an additional fee). The prices are listed in the order form. Each issue links to a summary of its content, so you can decide which journals would be most interesting to you.

We offer free shipping for orders on 75 € and over.


Make a subscription

If you would like to receive our issues regularly, a subscription is the best and most affordable way. We offer a fixed shipping cost for all our subscribers, thus the subscription to DER STEINKERN is available worldwide for the same price.


Conditions of the DER STEINKERN subscription:

- You will receive four journals per year (released respectively in January, April, July and October) containing 68 DIN A5 pages each (sometimes extended).

- Your subscription will renew automatically for the duration of one year, if you don´t unsubscribe by December 31 of each year. Cancellations can be made through e-mail or regular mail.

- The price per annual subscription is 38 € + 6,90 € shipping, which is cheaper than buying each journal individually (savings are about 10 € per year in total for international subscribers).

- For our subscribers we offer a discount of 2 € per journal when ordering additional single issues.

- If you subscribe for the first time, we offer an earlier issue as a welcome gift. Please tell us which one you would like (the issues 2, 4-14 and 16-47 are in stock)!


How to subscribe to Steinkern magazine

Just write an e-mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! including your postal address. If you don´t want the subscription to start with the first issue of the year (for example if you already own one or more issues of the current year), please tell us and we´ll adjust the price for the first year. Don´t forget to tell us, which older journal you would like to receive as your welcome gift!

Payment: We will send you the first invoice as PDF by e-mail. You can pay through banc transfer (IBAN/BIC) or PayPal (the additional price for use of PayPal is 1 € for each annual subscription). In the following years you will get the annual invoice together with the January journal of each year.


This English summary of our conditions does not contain temporary special offers for new subscribers, but we will make sure to apply any discounts or special offers automatically to you.


Any questions?

If you have any questions concerning our journals, the subscription process or anything else, please send an e-mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Sönke Simonsen (editor)